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Can an old dog learn new tricks?

You bet an old dog can learn new tricks!  Especially when it means getting a job.  When the prize is job related, the motivation is high.  Just ask any unemployed person over the age of 50.   Although there are laws against age discrimination in the hiring process, we all know it happens.  Job searchers […]

One Really Good Tip to End Your Job Search: Stay Current with Technology.

A member of my networking group found her dream job. It had all the skills she was looking to use, the company is strong and growing, and she could see herself in that role. She carefully crafted the perfect resume that succeedded in getting her a coveted interview. The interview was going well. She was […]

How to Avoid Annoying Company Recruiters

  The other day while reading an article, I came across the term “Homers”.  “Homers” is a term used by some recruiters to describe the unemployedoyed equating them to the fictional character Homer Simpson.  He is the overweight, lazy, rude and incompetent father in a cartoon series.  There are some company recruiters who falsely view […]

Update your Skills at M.I.T., UC Berkeley and Notre Dame for Free.

In several blogs, I have mentioned the need learn new skills or to stay current.  The world advances in such a fast pace that keeping up is expensive but necessary.   The employed have an advantage because their employers pay for courses.  The unemployed need the information but must pay out of their own limited funds. […]