Eight Job Search Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

Summer job searches can be successful.

While others are enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer thinking that no one gets hired in the summer, nothing could be further from the truth.  It may take more patience but if you remember the story of the tortoise and the hare, you know that the one who  continued on even though progress was slow won over the one who rested.

*Because work still needs get done even when the staff is on vacation, companies hire temporary  help to get the job done.  If you show what a terrific worker you are, you could be offered a permanent position when everyone returns.

* Since summer is a very social time of the year, be ready to network at all times.  Keep your elevator speech current and polished.  Leave copies of your resume in the car so it is available when you need it.  Be sure to have plenty of business cards with you wherever you go.

*Be patient and flexible.  Even though hiring takes place in the summer, it may take a while to get all the necessary people in place to conduct an interview.  Days off and shortened work days have employees keeping irregular hours.

*Understand that you are doing everything in your power to find a job.  The reason you aren’t getting the job isn’t a personal attack on you.  It is simply that someone else is a better fit.

*Take a good look at your resume, cover letter and other marketing materials.  Tweak and update them so they are fresh and up to date.  While you are at it why not practice your interviewing skills.

*Update your skills or keep them fresh by volunteering, taking classes or teaching them to others.   Something is always changing whether it is new or updated technology and methods.  By keeping in step with the changes you will have an advantage over people taking it easy over the summer.

*Remain positive.  The pace is slower but hiring does happen.  Stay positive and keep your mental house in order.  Eat healthy enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables that will be picked soon. Exercise in any way you choose in the fresh air.  Continue getting plenty of sleep.  You need to stay healthy and in good spirits to have a mindset that says hire me.

*Plant flowers or vegetables in whatever space you have.  Watching things grow in your surroundings will combat the feelings of hopelessness.  It will give you a sense of accomplishment and will add beauty.  And who doesn’t like fresh vegetables.

It may seem like it’s going slow but hang in there.  The tortoise didn’t give up and neither should you.

Arleen Bradley is a certified career coach providing stuck job searchers with the tools they need to find the job of their dreams.  www.arleenbradley.com.

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