The Summer Job Search Myth Busted

 The Summer Job Search Myth Busted

The lazy hazy days of summer will soon be upon us.  Bringing with it thoughts of relaxing, swimming, picnicking, gardening and vacationing.  To job search or not to job search is the question on the minds of many unemployed.   Deciding between working on a tan and working on finding a job is a dilemma for the job searcher.   The summer hiring slow down myth is tugging the job searcher toward the tanning.  But the myth isn’t real and here is why:

  • Many companies begin their fiscal year on July 1st.  With a new budget in place open positions are funded and ready to be filled.

    Man on vacation with laptop

    You can job search from anywhere.

  • The summer time pace in some companies allows resumes to get better attention.  The hiring manager has time to look at resumes more closely when not conflicted with meetings and deadlines.  And a hiring manager who just returned from a restful vacation is the best person to interview with.
  • The gatekeepers take vacations which is good for two reasons.  The first is that vacation replacements historically are not as diligent in gatekeeping.  The second is people you want to talk to are answering their own phones.
  • Networking opportunities are plentiful with barbeques, sporting events and get-togethers with family and friends.  The summer social activities provide a relaxed atmosphere to reconnect with contacts and a less stressful way to meet new people and obtain leads.
  • Educational institutions of all levels hire in the summer to be ready for the fall.
  • There is less competition because many job searchers believe the myth and are taking a relaxing summer vacation.  Less competition is always good.

While the competition is working on the perfect tan thinking that no one is hiring, they are missing the golden opportunity by letting open positions go to the diligent.  By budgeting your time, you can job search and enjoy the great summer weather.

Next week I will offer some summer job search tips so that by time the lazy, hazy days of summer give way to the crisp cool days of the fall you could be sporting a fantastic tan and a new job.

Arleen Bradley is a certified career coach providing stuck job searchers with the tools they need to find the job of their dreams.

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