On the lighter side of the job search


Because every job searcher needs a laugh every and then, I thought I would share some things that will hopefully make you laugh. 

Yes i have your resume right here where i spend most of my time
Yes, I have your resume right here. My link to the outside world.
what happens when they hire younger workers they said they would keep my resume on file
It takes 3 people to figure out how to do my job. They said they would keep my resume on file.
since they let me go the search committee
Since they let me go….. The search committee is meeting as we speak.
how i found out i got the job I wonder when they will call.
How they let me know I got the job. When did they say they would call?
im better than a purple squirrel i think the interview went well
I’m better than a purple squirrel. Overall, I think the interview went well.
I hope you enjoyed a small bit of stress relief.
If you have anything to add, please do so.



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