Can You Answer These Questions About Job Searching?

questionsToday job searching is a job.  You need to know what to do for success.  But do you know why they are important?  Here are a few questions and answers to help you on your search.

  1.  What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?
  2. Why do you need to be on Social Media?
  3. Why is Networking so valuable?
  4. Can I send the same Resume to every job I apply for?
  5. How do I ace the Interview?
  1. Your USP is what sets you apart from the other candidates for a job.  It is what you can do for the company that no one else can do such as a particular strength or an accomplishment that can add value to the company.   Knowing your USP will help you in writing your résumés and cover letters, and in interviews.  Be able to articulate your uniqueness on paper or orally comfortably and thoroughly, and you will impress recruiters.
  2. Social Media is a resource recruiters use to look for candidates, and job searchers use to learn about companies and their openings.  During the search for qualified candidates, recruiters will use social media to find people qualified for jobs and to find out more information about the candidates they are considering.  It has been said that if you aren’t on social media, you don’t exist.  Job searchers can learn about open positions; information about companies for interviews; and people to add to your network.
  3. Over 80% of all jobs are obtained through networking.  It used to be said that it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.  It is still true today as it ever was.  Although there are many websites for posting jobs, getting out and away from your computer is the best way to connect with people who can open doors for you.  Networking isn’t a one way street.  It is about building a relationship with another person
  4. The short answer is no.  And the reason is that each job you apply for has nuances that aren’t found in other positions.  You must address each difference in your résumé.  These differences can include different responsibilities, requirements, skills or experiences.  Although the positions are the same, small differences can happen if they are in different industries.  Some companies require extra duties than others. 
  5. Research, prepare, and practice.  Knowing about the company and the interviewer is vital in demonstrating to the interviewer that you want this job in this company and that you can do the job better than anyone else.  You should also be able to answer any question they ask.  You should know your strengths and weaknesses and what your goals are.  Companies are cautious when hiring because of the high cost, so they don’t want to make a mistake.  They need the right person the first time and the interview is one way to learn if the candidate is the right one.

I hope this has helped you understand why you do the things you do in order to get a job.  Hang in there your job search will be over soon.

How can I help you in your job search?

Image:  Stuart Miles

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