Good News About The Black Hole

No More Black Hole for You!

No More Black Hole for You!

There isn’t a job searcher who hasn’t heard of the black hole.  If you are one of the very few who don’t know a black hole is something from which nothing, including light can leave.  That’s where many resumes are stored; never to emerge and see the light of day.  I know I have a few résumés in there from long ago. 

But there is good news about black holes.  A couple of days ago, one of the most famous physicist in the world, Stephen Hawking, who is among those who created the theory of black holes, noted that in  theory energy and information can’t escape a black hole but in reality a black hole only holds energy and information only temporarily but when released, it’s a mangled form. 

What did I just say?  I don’t totally understand it but, from what I get is that nothing remains hidden forever but when it is freed it might not be in the original form.  So how does this help a job searcher?  If a résumé is well-crafted, it will see the light of day, but only if it can withstand some mangling. 

But what does well-crafted mean?  A well-crafted résumé is one that contains:

  • Keywords from the job ad that can be picked up by an Application Tracking System to show the match between the résumé and job requirements. 
  • Accomplishments and achievements that show your unique selling proposition.  The best indication of future success is evidence of past success.  Many people can do the job, but you want to explain how you are the best.
  • Bullets instead of paragraphs make information stand out.  If a résumé is in prose form, the important information can be hidden in the collection of words.  The reader will be more inclined to read a résumé that highlights key evidence that isn’t enclosed in
  • Dollars and percentages speak the language of the hiring manager.  They are looking for how the candidate saved time, saved money, and made money. 
  • A professional summary highlights your professional qualifications, significant achievements, relevant skills and experience related to the position.  The quality of this section will decide if the reader will continue to read the rest of the résumé.

The good news is that a well-crafted resume won’t end up in the black hole.  Which is why your résumé should be prepared carefully and thoughtfully.  Putting a résumé together just so you can submit something is ideal material for the black hole.  Your résumé is you; make it the best reflection of what you are capable of.    

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