A Hidden Golden Nugget for Job Searchers

There is a chamber of commerce in every part of the country.

There is a chamber of commerce in every part of the country.

You are a job searcher.  You are looking all over the place—online and offline, at networking events, big boards, niche boards, newspapers to name only a few.  But there are some places you can be looking that you might not be using. 

Did you know that your local Chamber of Commerce has networking events?  Or that many have websites with a job search page?  My own local chamber of commerce has a website that has such a page and a listing of events.  Some of the events are for members only, but other events include non-members.  But the non-member price is usually higher than the member price.  For example, one of the events at my local chamber is having the cost for members is $10 and $20 for non-members.  But the difference in price is well worth it to have an opportunity to meet local business owners. 

Each chamber has difference offerings in person and online.  Some chambers have pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media.  Check out your local chamber on social media and follow them.  It’s free, and you will learn more what they do, their services and members. 

There are other organizations that you can join to meet people.  Such as, The Lions, Exchange Club, and Rotary International.  Look in your area for other organizations, The Elks, religious affiliations, Scouts, Veteran groups, and many more.  The people are friendly and willing to help you. 


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