How to Deal with Difficult Issues While Interviewing

How to answer the tough questions

How to answer the tough questions

We all know there are many people out looking for a job.  Most of the people looking have been downsized, right sized, off shored or laid off.  It all means the same thing. Answering the question why you are looking for a job is easy.  Everyone has the same answer. 

However there are some people looking for a job that left their jobs under different circumstances such as:

  • They were fired—with cause for violating a policy, stole, insubordination, lost a major account or drug and alcohol abuse.
  • They were bullied—and fired without cause when a co-worker felt threatened and decided to eliminate any competition. 
  • They quit because the work environment was toxic—the situation was intolerable and was having a negative effect on their physical and mental health.

These are only three reasons among the many.  But they all have one thing in common.  The issues that surround the job loss will have to be explained in an interview.  Prepare for the questions

by writing out the situation in as much detail as possible.  Then trim it down to succinct and impartial.  These things you should consider.

Be honest—that is the most essential thing to do.  Regardless if it were your fault or someone else’s, you need to be sincerely honest about the situation.  Not doing so can catch up with you later and may have disastrous results. 

Explain the facts—not just your version, b

ut get the facts even if you have to ask others for their neutral thoughts on the situation. 

Don’t blame—yourself or the other person, group, or company.  This is the same as bad mouthing the other party.  Bad mouthing will send up red flags and start the interviewer wondering if you would do the same at their company.

Lessons learned—hopefully the situation taught you about work relationships and behavior and how you can make the necessary changes. 

 After you have created a truthful and unbiased story, practice it so that you can say is without sounding nervous, over rehearsed and canned.  You don’t have to know it word for word, but enough so that you are able to hit all the key points.

 Having one unfortunate experience can happen to anyone and shouldn’t end your working career.  If you able to tell the story so that it is easy to understand, you will be working again. 


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