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Ten Must Haves for Every Job Search Toolbox

The two things that come to mind when people say job search are resumes and interviews. If it were only that easy, the job search wouldn’t be as frustrating and confusing as it. Here are some of the things your job search tool box needs for a successful job search. 1. Growing network—most jobs are […]

The One Thing Every Job Searcher Needs

There is one thing every job searcher needs.  It doesn’t matter if the job searcher is employed or unemployed; a recent college graduate or a 50+.  This one thing is learned way before a job search is launched.  It comes from years of practice.  This one thing is called patience.  It is needed when looking […]

Why You Can’t Job Search 24/7

   I talk to many job searchers.  They all want the same thing a job ASAP.  Some work hard on their job search and then take some time to connect with family and friends.  They have projects to work on that make them feel they are accomplishing something during their job search.  Others think that […]

10 Essentials Needed for a Successful Job Search

There is plenty of information about how to get a job.  But it all boils down to 10 things that are essential for finding the job you want.  You will see below what they are.  Growing  network—most jobs are obtained by networking.  Grow your network and stay in touch with your network.  It’s a reciprocal […]