The Best Set Up for Phone Screen Success


Sticky notes and highlighters can be your best friends.

Sticky notes and highlighters can be your best friends.

In an earlier post, I talked about what you should do if you have a phone screen set up and the interviewer doesn’t show up.   In this post, I will help you prepare your space for when the phone screen interviewer sets up an appointment. Hopefully, it will be kept this time.

I have a client who did an excellent job setting up his space. All his information was right in front of him, and he could easily find the information he was looking for in a second. There was not shuffling of paper or finding the right document on his computer. A slight twist of his neck and he was able to find the information he wanted to give the interviewer quickly and silently.

Some of the information was on full sheets of paper fanned out in front of him. Other information was on sticky notes strategically placed around his monitor. Here is the information he had handy:

  • Resume and cover letter with specific information such as strengths directly related to the position highlighted.
  • The job posting and/or job description with specific information that he has or doesn’t have highlighted.
  • Portfolio of documents and samples of his work that is relevant to this position and only this position.
  • Company information from research on the company and some of the people he will be in contact with during the hiring process or on the job.
  • Emails sent to and from the company with the names of the people he has spoken to and information he has been given.
  • Research on the salary range for this type of position in his location.
  • Questions he wants to ask the interviewer.

Other things he has handy are paper and pen to take notes, and his calendar should they want to schedule a face-to-face interview with him. He has arranged his phone space like this a few times and has been invited for a face-to-face. He is waiting for an interview to be scheduled based on his last phone screen.

I am sharing with you what he has handy.   However, you may want to eliminate some information and/or add something relevant to your position. Set up you space for success, and you will be.


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