Acing the Interview is Better Than Winning the World Cup

Be prepared to excel in your interview.

Be prepared to excel in your interview.

The world’s best soccer players are competing for the World Cup now. These players want to win. In order to win they have to play their A+ game. If you want to win the job, you need to bring not just your A game, but you’re A+ game to the interview.  Here are five tips that kick your game up the level that will get you a job.

 1-PREPARE, PRACTICE, and REPEAT— Preparation and practice are keys to interview success.  Prepare for your interview by doing research on the company and questions you can and can’t be asked.  Know how you fit the position and your unique selling proposition.  Have an interview outfit that fits you perfectly, is clean and pressed.  You know about no cologne for the interview, but your clothes may have an odor that you aren’t aware of, such as smoke, pet, sweat, or food.  If you are a smoker, you may not have had a smoke before the interview, but if you smoke at home, your clothes will absorb the odor.  

Practice answering questions that might be asked; traveling to the interview place; making proper eye contact, and being friendly regardless how you are feeling. 

When you have prepared and practiced, do it again and again until it is second nature to you without looking over-rehearsed and fake. 

2-BE FLEXIBLE—Things happen don’t allow  changes in the interview site, time, place, or the interviewer throw off your composure.  You have prepared and practiced for this event and are ready for anything.  The changes may or may not be contrived to see how you react under pressure.  Show you are flexible and able to adapt to whatever is thrown at you.

3-BE WATCHFUL—Remember the interviewer is trying to get as much information from you as they can.  S/he is aware of the questions that cannot be asked.  However, the interviewer has  ways to get information without your knowing it.  Questions can be asked that may seem harmless enough, but your answer can reveal more about you than you want to share.

4-LISTEN CAREFULLY—Answer the question you are asked not what you think you heard. It’s only natural for your mind to wander.  You might be rethinking your response to another question, thinking about questions you want to ask or you may be evaluating your interest in the job.  Distractions take away your concentration. 

5-BRING YOUR BEST SELF—You need to be well rested, well groomed and well dressed.  Think of the interview as an inspection of you.  Get plenty of sleep the night before.  Wake up the day of the interview at the time that will allow you to get dressed and travel to the interview without being late.  

Don’t leave anything to chance.  You are competing with others who are just as qualified as you are.  They are preparing their A game.  With preparation and practice you will stand out above the others and get the job with you’re A+ game. And a new job is better than the World Cup to you.


How can I help you bring your A+ game to the interview?

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