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The One Worse Thing to Do In an Interview

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. I bet you still remember that from grade school, too. You have said it over and over again because you have it memorized. But memorizing is the worst thing you can do. You ruin your chances of being hired Being prepared not just ready to interview but so […]

Acing the Interview is Better Than Winning the World Cup

The world’s best soccer players are competing for the World Cup now. These players want to win. In order to win they have to play their A+ game. If you want to win the job, you need to bring not just your A game, but you’re A+ game to the interview.  Here are five tips […]

Interview Lessons Learned from Halloween.

Halloween is almost here.  Just ask the kids who have their costumes ready and can taste the candy.  They have prepared for a long time.  I remember as a kid, the summer would be spent deciding how I would dress for the big day.  But as a career coach, I think about how trick or […]

10 super easy tips to creating the SMART story that will get you hired.

In my last blog I told you what a SMART story was and why you should use it in your job search.  This blog will give you some suggestions on how to write them in addition to the situation/more, the action you took, the results and the tie in. Here are 10 of suggestions for […]

Don’t Fall For These Interview Tricks To Make You Say More Than You Should

  In June,  I posted a blog called 5 Interview tips that change your A game to and A+ game.  I received a comment that requested examples of questions that can seem harmlessbut may cause you to reveal too much information.  This post will give those examples. My particular post:  BE WATCHFUL—remember the interviewer is […]