The One Worse Thing to Do In an Interview

Serious isn't good for interviewsIn 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. I bet you still remember that from grade school, too. You have said it over and over again because you have it memorized. But memorizing is the worst thing you can do. You ruin your chances of being hired

Being prepared not just ready to interview but so rehearsed that you have become automaton. You answer questions as if in your sleep and are perfect in your delivery.  It’s the way I have seen people give their elevator speech. Say all the words, smile in just the right places and sounding like a grammar school reciting a memorized poem.

There is not phonier sounding than over rehearsed answers to the interviewer’s questions. You may think you have nailed it, but all you have done is shown that you have a good memory. The interviewer wants to see your personality.

Your skills and experience are important, but you are being interviewed on how well you will fit in with the group. You can teach skills, but you can’t change someone’s personality. You will be working with these people for 40 hours a week and they want to be sure they won’t regret hiring you.

Be genuine because that is your best asset. Over rehearsed comes across as not only nervous, but insincere. It leaves the interviewer wondering if the answers are true or manufactured.

Practice your answers so that you can say them confidently and genuinely. Nervousness in an interview is normal but can be controlled. Using guided visualization when preparing for your interview will help you practice what you will do and say. Guided imagery is done best when in a relaxed state so it, usually, begins with a period of relaxation.

Another good way to prepare is to get help from a friend. With your friend asking you questions, video tape your responses. Review the video to see how you come across. Take it from there to remove any annoying gestures or words.

Preparing for an interview is more than just how you look and the answer to questions, but how you answer them. Show them the real you, not the one you think they want to see. You won’t be able to keep up the charade for very long if you get hired. The genuine you is a much better person to bring to the interview. And that’s the best thing you can do at an interview.


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