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Interview Lessons Learned from Halloween.

Halloween is almost here.  Just ask the kids who have their costumes ready and can taste the candy.  They have prepared for a long time.  I remember as a kid, the summer would be spent deciding how I would dress for the big day.  But as a career coach, I think about how trick or […]

Common job search words and their best practices Part II

Last week I posted words that are common to job searchers.  They may have heard them networking or read them in articles and have been unsure about what they mean.  I have provided a best practice for each word.     Interview—an opportunity for both the company and the candidate to learn more about each other.  Through […]

Do you know what IT is that makes you stand out in your job search?

You do have an IT  that is distinct.  You have a value above all other candidates. But does the hiring company know what IT is?  Better yet, do you know what IT is?  And do you know why IT’s essential that you know what IT  is and why you should use IT as a job […]

3 Quick Tips for Job Search Success

  When you think of a job search, you will immediately think of resumes and interviews.  They are on every job searchers mind.  But if you are in a job search, there are other things you think about.  You also think about cover letters, networking and where to find available jobs. Those are the biggies […]

One Really Good Tip to End Your Job Search: Reduce Interview Stress

We all feel the stress caused by interviews.  But not everyone knows how to it reduced by breathing.  Not just any breathing, but diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing.   There is a remarkable relationship between how you breathe and the stress you feel.  Put breathing from your diaphragm into your preparations to ace interviews. The Benefits […]