Conquer Interview Anxiety

Do you have test anxiety? I do, and my brother does. My brother will be taking a test soon that has the potential to change his life drastically. He recently found out that in order to keep his job, he needs to pass a crucial test. He has a very comfortable life style. He owns a beautiful home, a lovely beach home, and two brand new cars. His job takes him to 5 star resorts for bonuses and sales meeting. Needless to say, he is stressed about passing the test. Life would certainly be different for him if he doesn’t pass it.

Interviewing is like taking a test. You study and prepare so that you are ready to answer any question that can be asked. You read anything you can get your hands on. Talk to people who have been there before you. You are ready or so you think. You arrive at the site and all of a sudden you can’t think of a single thing you learned. That happened to me several times. When I read the first question, I didn’t even recognize the words in the sentence. When I interviewed it felt the same, I was so nervous I had a difficult time remembering my name.

Those first few minutes were challenging. I finally started to remember everything I had been working diligently to put into my head. After a few minutes, I settled down and then I was on a roll. However, I have found a way to beat the anxiety of test taking and interviewing. I use guided imagery to relax me and to prepare for the test/interview. After practicing using guided imagery, I arrive in a much calmer state. I know I am ready and know how to minimize any nerves very quickly. It has save the day several times.

Sometimes the test/interview is a doctor’s appointment, a speaking engagement or one of many of life’s tense moments. I just go to my calm place and breathe. The tightness in my muscles loosens, my breathing steadies, and the butterflies in my stomach fly away. But best of all, my head clears and opens up so that pertinent information comes to me as needed. Depending on the situation, I am able to recall the way I practiced the answers. I am confident that my answers are spot on.

I talked to my brother about using guided imagery to prepare for his test. He said it’s something he needs do to prepare for his crucial test. He knows he needs the stress relief. And that alone will help him tremendously. After only a few sessions, he is seeing results in calming down and feeling more confident. I will tell you know how he does on his test.

Arleen Bradley is a certified career coach and certified job loss recovery coach. She assists clients in moving beyond job loss grief in order to land dream jobs. To learn more about the Job Loss Recovery Program and how you can benefit from it, log on to

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