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Are You Using This Social Media for Your Job Search?

  Most of every job searcher has heard of LinkedIn for their job search and are using it quite well.  There are some job searchers taking advantage of Twitter to find information about companies and openings as soon as the information hits the web.  Very few are using Facebook for their job search because they […]

Job Searching: Yes, There’s an App for That.

Today it seems like everyone has a phone in his/her hand .  Many people even use it to make or receive phone calls. To my son-in-law it’s a watch.  My brother uses it as his calendar.  Kelly, my daughter uses many apps.  The best one I saw her use was the level.  During football season, […]

Job Search 2013: New Twists on Old Strategies

Like many of you, I am eager to put 2012 in my past.  It wasn’t the greatest year for me.  I lost my dad in March and 6 weeks later, my son announced he was moving 1500 miles away.  Then my father-in-law and aunt died in July.  I am looking forward to 2013.  I feel […]