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Success Is In The Palm of Your Hands

I remember the day when all the phone did was connect two people to have a conversation.  You could hear the other person, but you couldn’t see them.  Slowly, new technology allowed you do more things.  Such as put a caller on hold while you answered another call.  And now phones do just about everything […]

What Olympic Athletes Can Teach Job Searchers To Be Successful

It’s that time again.  Every four years athletes from around the world gather to compete to be the fastest, highest and strongest at the Winter Olympics.  Much like job searchers compete to be the most qualified candidate.  The Olympic athletes are equally matched the same as the job candidates are qualified.  The winners are determined […]

How to Deal with Difficult Issues While Interviewing

We all know there are many people out looking for a job.  Most of the people looking have been downsized, right sized, off shored or laid off.  It all means the same thing. Answering the question why you are looking for a job is easy.  Everyone has the same answer.  However there are some people […]

The Interview and The Flu: What to Do?

It’s flu season.  If you are a job searcher with an interview scheduled, nothing could be worse than getting the flu at that time. You will do your candidacy more good by staying home than going to the interview. The people you are scheduled to meet will appreciate you’re not sharing your germs. However, canceling […]

Interview Lessons Learned from Halloween.

Halloween is almost here.  Just ask the kids who have their costumes ready and can taste the candy.  They have prepared for a long time.  I remember as a kid, the summer would be spent deciding how I would dress for the big day.  But as a career coach, I think about how trick or […]