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Coping with the Family and Looking for a Job

In a parody of seasonal favorite “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” one of The Twelve Pains of Christmas is facing the in-laws. Well, it isn’t just the in-laws that can be a pain, but your family as well. Whether immediate or extended, your family has your best interest in mind. The holiday season is likely […]

Holiday Job Search Myths—Busted!

The holidays are filled with myths.  One man can deliver toys to every child in the world in one night with flying reindeer.  A snowman that can walk, talk and sing just the same as you and me.  An elf that sits on a shelf in your home can keep children in line.  Children believe […]

Creative Non-Retail Seasonal Jobs That Bring In Cash

It’s that time again – the holiday season. For some job searchers, it means time off from the job search (a topic for another post to come). But the wisest job searchers know that the holiday season is just as good as any other time to be successful in the job search. The most common […]

Success is Yours in 2014

  It’s the beginning of a new year.  It’s your year, and you won’t be held back!  Success will be yours.  Or will it?  Are you ready?  I know you feel ready because you have had it with what you are going through.  But are you ready for the challenges ahead?  Having a can do […]

10 Tips to get your new year job search off and running.

Here we are in between Christmas and New Year.  The cooking and baking are done, and the goodies long gone from plates, but firmly stuck on your hips.  The tree is dropping needles like snowflakes in a blizzard.  The family is looking for things to do; already bored with all the new distractions.  And you […]